Collaboration was appointed to design and build the interior of Morningstar’s new offices on the Fifth Floor of 20 Vineyard Road, Claremont, Cape Town.

The concept for the design of the space focuses on a large central meeting room surrounded by two smaller meeting rooms, four study rooms, pause area with Milano bar, and a large open plan space with view of the surrounding Claremont area. The central meeting room has large sliding glass doors on both sides, which can be moved out of the way for large presentations or client functions.

Being a true global company and Morningstar’s needs for virtual communication, all meeting rooms are fitted with Zoom video conferencing technology. The meeting rooms also feature automated lighting and blinds which can be adjusted to the needs of the meeting. The facade blinds within the open plan are controlled automatically and are programmed to follow the movement of the sun which allow for light control and increasing user comfort.

The design of the space is a contrast between the raw industrial shell of the building versus the polished aluminium glazing systems with integrated light oak timber panelling of the interior fitout. The services are exposed yet are carefully coordinated to give the space a contemporary look.

All the workstations in the open area are height adjustable which the user can change based on the posture required for a particular work process during the day. Privacy couches with height adjustable tables provide privacy for ad-hoc conversations for working away from the users workstation when required. Stand up meeting spaces have been incorporated around the meeting rooms to allow for collaboration and idea sharing within the open plan space.




380 m²



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