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Since our inception in 1996, we have built our reputation on our expertise in delivering outstanding design solutions by being passionate about distinctive design and committed to our clients’ brief specifics.

20+ years experience

Collaboration is an Interior Architecture and Design studio with broad-based project experience and wide-ranging expertise in creative design, focusing on problem solving and strategy formulation. Over the years, we have developed a unique approach that blends analytical and intuitive techniques to provide bespoke solutions, creating innovative spaces that respond to life.

Our comprehensive turnkey service offering includes Interior Architecture & Design, Project Management & Procurement Management services.

Collaboration works in conjunction with other specialists to deliver to deadlines, within the approved budget, all the while servicing the project’s individual needs. Where necessary we draw on an extensive network of industry partners such as Architects, Engineers, Audio Visual Consultants, Lighting Experts, Corporate Identity Designers and Landscape Architects, directing and facilitating experts that enhance our core capabilities.

From inception to implementation, we are committed to seamless processes and solutions that deliver beyond our client’s expectations.

Why us?

We are inspired to create beautiful spaces which are user friendly, forward thinking and sustainably focused.

Over 20 years of experience

We're really good at what we do

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Member of the Green Building Council South Africa

Creating a sustainable future

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We deliver solutions that are functionally focused and aesthetically advanced.

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About Us

An interior architecture and commercial design firm with broad-based and wide-ranging expertise in creative problem solving, inspired to create beautiful spaces which are user friendly, forward thinking and sustainably focused.

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