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Juta Bookshop
Sector: Corporate
Scope of work: Design & Build
Size: 670m2
Occupancy: 16
Paper Thin Lightness

Juta Bookshops is the oldest indigenous bookseller in South Africa. The interior brief was to create a flagship store. The space was designed as a neutral backdrop for the array of colours reflecting from the radiant Plexiglas used as display panelling for the bookshelves. The space houses over 11 200 titles, in various categories, over the two floor levels with large ottomans located conveniently throughout the floor plan. Adjustable merchandising units were designed to accommodate stationary, art supplies and a CD display. An internet facility was introduced, as well as a chill area for customers to research and unwind. Heath Nash was commissioned to create a sculptural light fitting to represent the letters and binary that makes up the books that fill the shelves carrying through the nature of books to the three-dimensional realm.