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Sector: Corporate
Scope of work: Design & Build
Size: 2670m2
Occupancy: 200
We welcomed the opportunity to collaborate with two organisations, Kusuga Taka and REDISA, to create their first head quarters in the Sunclare Building in Claremont, Cape Town.

Kusuga Taka’s fresh, youthful and lively spirit juxtaposes REDISA’s more sophisticated and corporate style. Our challenge was to capture each organisation’s different personality and design two spaces that could live separately and meet seamlessly on one floor.

The young, passionate and energetic nature of Kusuga Taka inspired a space where form meets function. Open-plan areas for quick meetings, coffee stations for casual chats and focus rooms for private conversations, were infused with vibrant colours, beadwork and patterns for a bright, local feel.

In contrast, REDISA commanded a more corporate feel. Inspired by Europe, sleek timber screens and a moody colour palette in plum, beige and charcoal create a subtle, sophisticate and calming environment.

While bespoke joinery allowed us to make the most of both spaces, glass walls and sliding doors throughout reinforced the open-plan feel, giving the space a light and contemporary edge. These touches of transparency not only allow the individuality and richness of both interiors to shine; they also create an effortless union between Kusuga Taka and REDISA’s spaces.

Our final pièce de résistance was a commissioned portrait of Nelson Mandela, by acclaimed South African artist Gavin Rain – an inspiring and uplifting feature that epitomises the spirit of a modern South Africa that is practised by and enjoyed at the new Kusuga Taka and REDISA HQ.